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.Net 8 new features

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.Net 7 New Features

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FluentValidation in .NET 6

In this article, we will explore the features of FluentValidation in .NET 6. FluentValidation is a popular validation lib..

BackGroundService in .NET Core

In this article, we will discuss BackgroundSerive in .Net Core. In.NET Core, background services are a mechanism t..

Difference between MemoryCache and LazyCache in .Net Core

In this artcile we will discuss MemoryCaching and LazyCaching in .Net Core. 

Creating a Rate Limiter in .Net 7

In this article, we will discuss creating a Rate Limiter in .Net 7.0. Rate limiting is a common technique used in ..

Attributes in ASP.NET CORE Actions

In this article, we will discuss attributes in Asp.Net Core Actions. ASP.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platf..

How to migrate applications from .net Core 3.1 to .Net 6

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Difference Between Middleware and Filter in Dotnet Core

Middleware and Filter are extensively used in ASP.NET Core application and some of the tasks like Authenticating the incomi..

.Net 6 New Features

In this article, we will discuss the .Net 6 new features with some cod code examples. The biggest hi..

How to integrate Swagger into ASP.NET CORE Web API in .Net 6 or .Net 7

This article will explain how to integrate swagger into Asp.Net Core Web API in .Net 6 or ..

3 ways to fetch configuration values in ASP.Net Core

Fetching configuration values based on different environment is required in every application. Let suppose we need to fetch Configuration value in ASP.Net Core for different environments say Dev, QA UAT, Prod etc..

ASP.Net Core provides multiple ways to fetch Configuration value and below are the Different ways

  1.  Using IOptions Pattern
  2. Using IConfigurationRoot interfa..
How to manage User Secrets in ASP.NET Core

In this article, we will discuss the User Secrets feature in Asp.Net Core. This article desc..

Use RateLimiter to limit the number of Outbound requests in dotnet core

Every web application calls external web services and it's often desired to limit the number of requests we send to external web services in a duration of time for example we want to send a maximum of 100 requests from our application to XYZ external web service per minute so in that case, we would like to throttle the outgoing requests going to web services.


Filters in Dotnet core


Filters are essential concepts of ASP.NET Core. Although Filters were present in Legacy ASP.Net Framework, middleware was introduced in ASP.Net Core. In Legacy ASP.NET Framework we had HttpModules and HttpHandlers which were part of the request pipeline but in ASP.NET Core we have middleware which is part of the request pipeline. Both Filters and Middlewares have some commo..

All about ConfigureServices and Configure Methods in Dotnet core
ASP.Net Core application starts its execution with the program.cs file where we have a Main Method and this method is the starting point of the application.
Generally whenever we create a new ASP.NET Core Web Application project we have two files named Program.cs and Startup.cs files. Program.cs file contains the..
How to add Exception Filter in ASP.NET Core Globally

Exception Handling is an important thing for every application and C# language provides different ways to handle the exception. We can handle exception locally in the method as well as globally but it's not efficient to add a try/catch block in every method as logging the error from every catch block of the method is not efficient as it violates code reuse so efficient way is to add global exce..

How to add Pre and Post Processing Logic in ASP.NET Core MVC or WebApi

Every application requires does some kind of Pre and Post-processing logic to sometimes validate or to do custom logic before executing and returning the actual result. ASP.NET Core provides multiple ways to do the same namely Filters, Middlewares, etc...

We can have multiple middlewares, Filters in a typical application to validate or to do custom implementation to every request in the w..

How to Register Open Generics in .Net Core DI

In this article, we will discuss how to register open generics in .Net Core Di.