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Deploy Core Web Api or Rest Api in Aws Lambda Serverless

Deploying ASP.Net Core Web API/REST API in a server can be costly compared to deploying in AWS Lambda as later provides many benefits compared to deploying in a typical server.

  • In a server, you have to pay the price of it even if your application is not utilizing the entire server space whereas deploying in
Access AWS DynamoDb in .Net Application using C#

DynamoDb is a popular No SQL Database Services offered by AWS. It's mainly used in Serverless architecture where DynamoDb is mainly used as a persistence object.

Accessing Data in DynamoDb in a Middle Tier like REST API Backend Services is a common requirement of the Web Application. In this article, I wi..

What are the steps to get Maximum value of an attribute of type number in Dynamodb

DynamoDb is a fully managed proprietary AWS Service which provide No-SQL Database solution out of box which stores data in Key-Value pair format and offers features like replication, auto-scaling, automatic-backup, etc.

As DynamoDB is very cheap AWS service and offers 25 GB of free storage per month