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How to create CRUD endpoints in ASP.NET Core Web API

This article will demonstrate how to use the ASP.NET Core framework to create a well-structured RESTful API for a situation ..

Inner Join, Left Join, Right Join in LINQ Query C#

Entity Framework is a popular ORM framework in which developers don't have to write SQL queries and focus more on writing business logic in the C# end. Instead, to read or write data in a database we use LINQ Query or Lambda Expression in our data layer of the project.

LINQ queries are very similar to SQL queries and are converted to SQL queries by .Net Runtime when we run our application..

DelegatingHandler in ASP.NET Web API

In any real-time application, we call some kind of third-party service or REST API, and any REST API does some kind of request validation like checking token in the request header, etc.. and it's achieved using Filters or Middleware in ASP.NET Core API.

If we think of reverse i.e. validating all the outgoing requests from our application or simply logging the outgoing requests going out o..

How to upload or download image or file in ASP.Net Core 3.1 Web Api with async,await examples

File or Image Upload is a very common requirement of Web Application and achieving the functionality with the help of REST API is very common practice.

In this article, we will see how we can upload an image into the server folder using ASP.NET Core 3.1 Web API and also how can we download an image or file using Web API. 

In the below example I will be demonstrating regarding t..

Unit testing for Web Api Controller using xUnit

Unit Testing is important in any Software development life cycle as it helps us to identify bugs in the software at the very early stage and below are the benefits of Unit Testing:

  • Help facilitates change as each unit is tested individually.
  • It reduces cost because defects are detected in the early stage so cost is significantly reduced compared to ´╗┐´╗┐defects detected in the l..